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With 20 years of experience in the roofing and construction industry, Banner Roofing and Construction was established to bring integrity and transparency to a market that often needs to be revised. Our customers needed a reliable partner, and we stepped in to meet this need. At Banner Roofing & Construction, LLC, we prioritize integrity, superior craftsmanship, and excellent customer service, reflected in our glowing reviews. We handle all projects, big or small, with equal dedication. We aim to be your trusted roofing company-the one you proudly recommend to friends! As a veteran-owned business, we're committed to our work every day. We serve Weatherford, Frisco, and the Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas area. Need a free inspection from a trustworthy team? Contact us! We offer roof replacements, repairs, and gutter installations.

Roof Replacement in Keller TX

Roof Replacement in Keller TX

Our skilled roofing crew delivers superior craftsmanship, replacing the outdated with the new while meticulously focusing on those minor details contributing to a roof's longevity.

Commercial Roofing in Keller TX

Commercial Roofing in Keller TX

In business, each day is crucial, and roof leaks are an unneeded hindrance. If you face such problems, our insured roofing professionals will quickly address them to reduce disruptions. Our safety-first crew identifies the problem and swiftly restores your operation.

Roof Repair in Keller TX

Roof Repairs in Keller TX

As a seller, getting a roof repair request post-appraisal or inspection is common. Roofs should be in prime condition for sale and loan sanction. This can cause stress and haste. At Banner Roofing & Construction, LLC, our roofers recognize this and work diligently for quick repairs. Trust a reliable roofing firm when time is crucial.

Trust our roofers for your storm damage repairs and insurance claim assistance

Homeowners often turn to their insurance providers for assistance with storm damage. Roofs are sturdy, yet even the most resilient ones cannot withstand the severe storms we encounter. Extreme straight-line winds from thunderstorms, tornadoes spawned by tropical storms, and hail are significant culprits of severe roof damage in North Texas. Combine these with heavy rainfall; any weak spots on your roof can be exposed to considerable damage. Hail, which can be as large as a quarter or even a golf ball, can inflict severe damage to your roof and gutters, even quickly. We're here to assist with insurance claims and, crucially, help restore your home.

Asphalt Shingle Roofing in Keller TX

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Robbie and his team were fantastic. A breath of fresh air after being given the run around by the builder and several other roofing company. Quality work. Honest and reliable. You won't be sorry if you choose to use them.

Patience Overy

Robbie was so helpful from start to finish and the install crew did a fantastic job! We could not be happier to get this behind us and the roof looks awesome!

Kari Harless

Awesome service, response time and follow-through! Am planning to call on them in the future! Could not recommend more highly!

Cathy Rosson

Excellent experience after a grass fire destroyed our fence. Banner earned a customer for life.

Travis Sterling

Tr Ste

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At Banner Roofing & Construction, LLC, we believe in empowering our customers with knowledge. You can make informed decisions for your home by understanding the various options available. We prioritize cleanliness and ensure that we leave your property spotless after our work is done. Nobody wants to return home to a mess, and our meticulous crew ensures you never have to. Trust us for all your roofing needs. We aim to be the top choice in your area and strive relentlessly towards this goal. Offering comprehensive insurance, complimentary inspections, exceptional customer reviews, flexible financing options, and GAF-certified roofing services, we're committed to delivering excellence.

There are several indicators that your roof might be due for a replacement. Firstly, the age of your roof can be a significant factor; most shelters have a lifespan of 20-25 years. If yours is within or beyond this range, consider a new one. Secondly, if you notice cracked, curling, or missing shingles, it could be a sign of a deteriorating roof. Water damage or leaks, visible in the form of water stains on your ceiling or walls, also signify potential roof issues. Another key sign is the presence of granules in your gutters, which come from the wear and tear of asphalt shingles. Lastly, if your roof appears sagging or has visible signs of daylight seeping through the roof boards, it indicates the need for a new roof.

Deciding between repairing or replacing your roof largely depends on several factors. A repair might be sufficient if the damage is minor, such as a few missing shingles or a minor leak. However, a total roof replacement may be more cost-effective in the long run if you're dealing with extensive damage. Consider the age of your roof as well; if it's nearing the end of its typical lifespan (20-25 years for most roofs), a replacement could be a better option. Also, if your roof has already undergone several repairs and problems continue to arise, it might be time to consider a complete replacement. Always consult a professional roofer to assess the situation and provide the best advice for your circumstances.

Indeed, the nature of your business can significantly influence the most suitable roofing system. For instance, a restaurant might require a roof that can effectively handle high temperatures and ventilate cooking fumes. On the other hand, a manufacturing facility may need a robust and resilient roofing system to withstand the impact of heavy machinery vibrations. A retail store might prioritize aesthetics and choose a visually appealing roof that aligns with its brand image. Factors such as noise insulation, energy efficiency, and local climate also play a role in deciding the most practical roof system for a particular business. Therefore, consulting with a roofing expert who can guide you toward the best solution tailored to your business needs is crucial.

A roof inspection is a comprehensive examination of your roof to identify any issues or potential problems. This process is carried out by a roofing professional who will assess the condition of your roof, both externally and internally. They'll check for wear and tear signs such as cracked or missing shingles, leaks, water damage, poor insulation, and structural issues. The inspection may also include evaluating your gutter system to ensure it's functioning correctly. A roof inspection is a proactive measure designed to catch any problems before they escalate into significant damage that could require costly repairs or a complete roof replacement.

The "best" type of roof can vary greatly depending on several factors. Some people prioritize longevity and durability, in which case materials like metal or slate are considered the best. These materials can last up to 50 years or more with proper maintenance.

Alternatively, if aesthetics are your priority, architectural shingles or cedar shakes offer a distinct, attractive appearance. For those concerned about environmental impact, a green or "living" roof covered in plants is an excellent option and provides excellent insulation.

A cool roof that reflects more sunlight and absorbs less heat could be the best choice in a scorching climate.

In short, the "best" roof depends on your specific needs, preferences, and local climate. It's always a good idea to consult a roofing professional to determine the best option for your home or building.

Identifying a leak in your roof can sometimes be akin to unraveling a mystery. The leak source might only sometimes be directly above the water stains or dampness on your ceiling or walls. Water travels along roof panels or rafters before dripping down onto your ceiling.

Look at your roof uphill from the stains to find a roof leak. Look for roof penetrations like plumbing and roof vents, chimneys, dormers, or anything else that projects through the roof. These are familiar places where leaks occur, even if they're above the leak stain.

If you have attic access, the easiest way to track down a leak is to go up there with a flashlight and look for evidence such as water stains, black marks, or mold. However, if the leak continues to elude you, consider enlisting the help of a professional roofer. They have the knowledge and experience to handle such detective work safely and efficiently.

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